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PFAs Government Remediation Lawsuit In Youngstown

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    PFAS Government Remediation Lawsuit in Youngstown

    Perfluoroalkyl Substance or PFAS is a known human carcinogen and exposure to this substance can have a severe effect on the environment and the human body. However, due to the overuse of this in industrial areas and by government entities, this substance is getting into the public and private water supply, contaminating the water. If you are living in an area where the water supply is contaminated by PFAS, file a lawsuit immediately. The remediation process for PFAS is very expensive. And that is why you need to claim the damage and the cost of remediation from the government entities. And for that, you need to hire a Youngstown PFAS lawyer.

    At Youngstown Criminal Law Group, we have been representing the clients who have filed lawsuits for the removal and remediation of PFAS. Get in touch with us for your case too.

    How PFAS Is Used in Different Industries?

    Companies like 3M and DuPoint get a lot of revenue from the use of PFAS. This is a major component that is used in the creation of water as well as in the textile industry for carpet, fabric and upholstery. In these industries, PFAS draws yearly revenue of $1 billion. This is also used as a secondary component in lubricant, spray coating and paints. The yearly revenue is $100 million.

    In the following manufacturing processes, PFAS is widely used:

    • Foam for fire extinguisher
    • Pesticides
    • Ink
    • Medical device
    • Hydraulic acid for automobile and aerospace
    • Chrome metal plating
    • Food packaging

    Impact on the Environment

    For the last several decades, PFAS has been used extensively and that is why it  exists in the environment. According to the report of the Environment Working Group in June 2017, it has been confirmed that PFAS is found in the water supply of 27 states affecting 15 million Americans along with domestic animals and wildlife. Being non-biodegradable components, PFAS can stay in the environment for millions of years and can contaminate the food chain too.

    Effects on Health

    PFAS has been recognized as human carcinogen. Hence, it is associated with testicular and kidney cancer. Apart from these, it also creates the following issues:

    • Higher level of cholesterol
    • Pre-eclampsia or a complication with pregnancy
    • Thyroid dysfunction and cancer in kids
    • Infertility
    • Autoimmune disease
    • Mental impairment
    • Colitis
    • Blood disorder

    How PFAS Gets Mixed in the Water Supply

    PFAS can get mixed in the water supply from industrial waste. When this waste comes on the ground, it starts sipping inside with the rain water. As it is used for fire suppressant foam, it is found near fire training centers. Also, many air spaces like Michigan former US Air Force Base have shown using a lot of PFAS for lubricant.

    PFAS Removal

    Removal of PFAS from the water supply is very expensive. With the help of the granular activated carbon filtration process, 99.9% PFOS and PFOA can be removed. But for the shorter chains of PFAS, ion exchange and reverse osmosis are necessary which can cost $1 million. And for a community, it is huge.

    This is why you need to file a lawsuit for PFAS remediation. At Youngstown Criminal Law Group, our Youngstown PFAS lawyer can help you with the process. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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