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Round Up Lawsuit In Cleveland

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    Round Up Lawsuit in Cleveland

    If you have been using Round Up for a long time and have been exposed to the toxic chemical in it for an extensive period of time, then you are exposed to the risks of having cancer as Round Up contains chemicals that are hazardous and carcinogen.

    The manufacturing company Monsanto was aware of the situation and yet they aggressively marketed it and ignored to inform the consumers so that they could use the protective gear while using it. Later one Monsanto and Bayer, the company that purchased Monsanto for $66 billion, was sued for deceptively marketing this product while knowing the risk. If you are a victim of this and currently showing symptoms of cancer or some other health hazards, then come to us today.

    At Youngstown Criminal Law Group our Cleveland Round Up lawyer has helped a lot of people with filing litigation and they can help you too. Come to us so that you can move ahead with the proceedings.

    Toxic Chemicals in Round Up

    Round Up is basically an herbicide and its usage is killing the organism. So, it is pretty clear that it contains toxic chemicals that can affect any organism.

    In 1970, Monsanto created Round Up with glyphosate along with some other harmful chemicals. These chemicals interrupt the shikimate pathway process that creates enzymes in a plant for its growth. By doing so, Round Up kills the plant.

    For marketing, the manufacturing company only highlighted this and this process doesn’t happen for human beings or any other mammal. And that is why many consumers all across the nation used this product extensively.

    Round Up and Its Connection to Cancer, Especially Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    In 2017, the International Agency of Research on Cancer and WHO took a bold stand claiming that Round Up contains Glyphosate and that is a 2A grade carcinogen. The same associations also established that this chemical has a positive association with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a fatal blood cancer. Monsanto, as expected, completely denied the charge and continued with the production. The weed killer was estimated to get 10% profit while Round Up crop seed offers more than half of the profit of the company.

    Qualifying for Round Up Lawsuit

    A multi-district lawsuit has been formed which is different from the class-action lawsuit in one area. In an MDL, each plaintiff can have their own Cleveland Round Up lawyer. To be eligible for the Round Up lawsuit, the plaintiff needs to ensure the followings,

    • They have to prove that they have used Round Up in a notable quantity in the past
    • They have to show that they have developed cancer or non-Hodgkin Lymphoma since using Round Up
    • They have to prove that they did not have cancer or non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in the past before using Round Up

    If the person has been exposed to Round Up and died of cancer, then their family can stand up for their rights and file a wrongful death lawsuit that will join the MDL for Round Up. If the plaintiff dies during the case, then the case will automatically become a survival claim.

    Compensation You will Get

    The primary goal of the lawsuit is recovering any kind of compensation from Monsanto and Bayer as they have marketing Round Up while keeping you in dark. The compensation will include

    • The expenses of the treatment and procedures necessary for the patient
    • Physical pain and trauma
    • Wage loss
    • Reduced capacity of earning in the future
    • The mental anguish of knowing that you are dealing with a fatal disease
    • Loss of consortium and companionship

    Come to Youngstown Criminal Law Group and let our Cleveland Round Up lawyer help you with the proceedings of the case.

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