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Lawsuits For Human Trafficking In Cleveland

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    Lawsuits for Human Trafficking in Cleveland

    It is not just the common criminals but also many other businesses in the USA including airlines, hotels, truck shops and websites are responsible for such a huge number of human trafficking. These entities are making millions of dollars while aiding the international slave system.

    We, Logue Law Group, are here, making sure that these entities are held responsible and accountable for the crime. We represent the survivors of trafficking and make sure that the hotels and truck shops that help in the chain and the websites that post the classified explicit pictures of the victims get prosecuted accordingly. Our Cleveland human trafficking lawyer is here to help you.

    Things to Know about Human Trafficking Lawsuit

    Human trafficking in the US is a business of $15 billion industry. Sexual exploitation gets $99 billion profit every year. In an amendment of 2008, Trafficking Victim Protection Reauthorization Act helps the survivors claim against the businesses that are knowingly aiding in human trafficking and sexual exploitation while benefitting a lot themselves. If the enterprises are cut off, then the human trafficker will struggle a lot to maintain the business.

    If you are a survivor and want to bring civil claims against such enterprises, then connect with our Cleveland sex abuse lawyer right away.

    Our law firm teams up with World Without Exploitation and National Center on Sexual Exploitation. We ensure that the survivors find the courage to speak up against the crime and even help other victims too to help after surviving this horrific situation.

    What is Human Trafficking?

    While forced prostitution is the most highlighted part of human trafficking, there are other things where victims are forced to work including forced labor, domestic labor, sweatshop factory, Hotels and restaurants, constructions and so on. Apart from that there is sexual exploitation and forced marriages.

    According to the reports of the International Labor Organization:

    • Around 40 million people in the world are victims of human trafficking
    • 80% of the victims are forced into marriages and labor of which one quarter are children
    • 75% of the victims are women and girls
    • Globally, human trafficking is a $150 billion industry and 20% of its revenue is generated in the USA

    Often finding the right data becomes difficult as there are many cases that look like domestic violence.

    The Trafficking Victim Protection Reauthorization Act has been amended several times so that the survivors can find something to hold on to. The most recent amendment in 2015 was the addition of the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Acts. This law holds those people liable for who purchase sexual services from the victims of human trafficking. According to this law, the U. S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking has been established consisting of trafficking survivors who work as advisors for the federal government. They review the current policies and ensure more efforts to stop this crime.

    In the past couple of years, there were numerous lawsuits filed against companies from the hospitality industry, a software company and even the Church of Scientology. In these cases, the defendants failed to act against the traffickers after knowing it or aided in the crime for their own benefits.

    If you or your loved ones have been a survivor of this crime, then come to us at Logue Law Group. Our Cleveland human trafficking lawyer will listen to your case with the utmost sensitivity and ensure that you get the rightful justice.

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