OVI Offenses

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    OVI Offenses in YOungstown

    Experienced & Effective OVI Defense in Ohio in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, Jefferson & Belmont Counties

    If you have been charged with OVI offense in Ohio, you need to seek a defense counsel from an experienced Youngstown Ohio OVI lawyer. We, at the Youngstown Criminal Law Group, hold years of experience and are backed by a solid recognition from our peers and other highest professional credentials, which makes us reliable for your OVI defense.

    Penalties in Ohio*

    First Offense 
    Imprisonment: Up to 6 months 
    Fine Amount: Maximum $1,000 
    DL Suspension: Up to a period of 3 years 
    Ignition Interlock Device (IID): No

    Second Offense 
    Imprisonment: Up to 1 year 
    Fine Amount: Maximum $1,500 
    DL Suspension: Up to a period of 5 years 
    IID: No

    Third Offense 
    Imprisonment: Up to 1 year 
    Fine Amount: Maximum $1,500 
    DL Suspension: Up to a period of 10 years 
    IID: Yes

    Fourth Offense 
    Imprisonment: Up to 1 year 
    Fine Amount: Maximum $10,000 
    DL Suspension: Permanent 
    IID: Yes

    BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) Test Refusal in Ohio

    Receiving the driver’s license in Ohio means giving your “implied consent” to adhere to the laws and submitting to the police with respect to the traffic cases. This includes submitting to the blood, urine, and breath test if you are arrested for the OVI charges. The kind of BAC test you will take is generally decided by the police at the traffic stop. According to the Ohio laws, the test has to be taken within 2 hours and refusing to the test will impose serious penalties such as suspension of the driver’s license and a $475 charge when the suspension is over.

    • First Offense Refusal of the BAC Test- Suspension of Driver’s License for 1 year
    • Second Offense Refusal of the BAC Test within 6 months- Suspension of Driver’s License for 2 years
    • Third Offense Refusal of the BAC Test within 6 months- Suspension of Driver’s License for 3 years
    • Third Offense Refusal & Subsequent Refusals of the BAC Test- Suspension of Driver’s License for 5 years each

    For two or more OVI convictions in 6 years, the police can “force” you for this test with the use of reasonable means. You should be informed about this fact.

    Driver's License Revocation / Reinstatement in Ohio

    License revocation means the cancellation as well as suspension of your driver’s license. But you can get back the privilege to drive after you fulfill certain requirements such as making the assessed fee payments, the requisite duration of the revocation, or providing with the insurance proof. However, you must re-apply for the license. After satisfying such obligations, you must attend a reinstatement hearing.

    OVI Accident (Assault / Homicide) Charges in Ohio

    While under the influence or OVI, if an assault or death is caused, you can be charged with severe penalties.

    Aggravated Vehicular Assault

    The prosecution has to prove that you inflicted serious harm to another owing to being impaired of drugs or alcohol. This 3rd degree felony offense includes penalties like 1-5 years of mandatory imprisonment and 2-10 years of mandatory license suspension.

    The license suspension can be further increased to 3 years if you have been convicted of vehicular assault in the past or have a record of prior conviction for any kind of traffic-based assault, manslaughter or homicide, or have a record of a traffic-related conviction with respect to attempted murder, murder, or felony assault.

    It can be upgraded to a second-degree felony if you are found to be driving without a license or have a suspended license, hold a prior conviction for traffic-based manslaughter, offense, assault, or homicide, have a past record of vehicular assault conviction, have a record of 3 or more prior convictions in a period of last 6 years for operating any vehicle, aircraft, or boat under OVI, have a combination of the above-mentioned conditions, have two or more felony DWI convictions.

    Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

    The prosecution will have to prove death caused by your impairment from drugs or alcohol in such aggravated homicide cases for drug or alcohol impairment. This 2nd degree felony impose penalties like 2-8 years of compulsory imprisonment and a lifetime suspension of the driver’s license.

    Contact the Youngstown Criminal Law Group

    If you have been charged with an OVI or a related offense in Ohio, you must resort to the Youngstown Criminal Law Group. Our expert Youngstown Ohio OVI lawyers can provide you with the right legal advice. You should not speak to the police or the prosecutors until you have a word with our attorneys. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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