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    OVI Offenses We Handle In youngstown

    Youngstown OVI lawyer Sean Logue has years of experience in handling OVI cases, including the following:

    • OVI First Offense: No matter if it’s the very first OVI charge you have received, or the first one in the ten years since your last one, you’ll be charged with a first OVI. The legal limit for adults in Ohio is 0.08 percent.
    • OVI Second Offense: The second OVI charge you receive within ten years comes with harsher penalties, including a longer driver’s license suspension, higher fines, and a longer jail sentence. This is a misdemeanor charge, but you can still fight it and get the charges dropped or reduced.
    • OVI Third Offense: If you wind up with a third OVI charge within a ten-year period, the penalties are even more serious than with a second OVI. Drug or alcohol rehabilitation and house arrest are just two of the potential penalties. Others include being required to put “party plates” (yellow OVI plates) on your vehicle and incarceration.
    • Physical Control of a Vehicle: Ohio law, under the Revised Code Section 4511.194, states that a person who is under the influence of a drug of abuse, alcohol, or any combination of the two cannot be in physical control of a vehicle. For example, you can’t hold the keys in your hand while sitting in the front seat if you are impaired. This charge is considered a misdemeanor. The penalties that go along with it are not quite as severe as a first OVI charge.
    • OVUAC (Operating a Vehicle after Underage Consumption, aka Underage OVI): The BAC level at which a person under the age of 21 is considered impaired is 0.02 percent. The reason for the low limit is that, in Ohio, the law states that minors are not allowed to consume alcohol. Though the charge is a misdemeanor, it can have a negative effect on your future, including your educational and career choices.
    • Felony OVI: While most OVI charges are misdemeanors, a third OVI within a ten-year period or a fifth one within a twenty-year period is considered a felony offense. Depending on your BAC level at the time of arrest and the charges you received before, it could be filed as either a third- or fourth-degree felony.
    • DUID (Driving under the Influence of Drugs): Having drugs in your system when you are stopped by police can lead to a DUID charge. Prescription and over the counter medications, as well as LSD, marijuana, crack, heroin, opioid painkillers, and other drugs can lead to DUID charges.
    • Aggravated Vehicular Assault: The Ohio Revised Code under Section 2903.08 says that if, while you are intoxicated, you cause an accident (or are accused of causing an accident) in which someone is injured, you will be charged with Aggravated Vehicular Assault. This charge carries a mandatory prison sentence, which makes it a felony.
    • Aggravated Vehicular Homicide: The Ohio Revised Code also says, under Section 2903.06, that if another person dies as a result of you drinking and driving, you will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. The charge is also referred to as Aggravated Vehicular Homicide. Because this charge is a felony, it comes with a mandatory prison sentence.
    • OVI Out-of-State: Sometimes, people from other states who are visiting or working in Ohio find themselves facing OVI charges here. These are the most difficult to handle for the defendant, for the simple reason that they do live in another state. However, Youngstown Criminal Law Group is ready and willing to be their representative in court, easing their burden.
    • Intoxicated Boating: You can be arrested while operating a boat in Ohio. The same charges apply in both situations, and the penalties are also the same.

    Being charged with OVI is a stressful thing. Sean Logue and his colleagues at Logue Law are well-trained in OVI defense. They can ease your way through the process of an OVI charge. Call us today at (330) 625-9199. We offer free initial consultations and is available 24/7.

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