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Sexual Imposition Defenses in Lisbon

Prosecutors, judges, and juries in Lisbon and throughout Ohio treat sexual imposition cases with the utmost seriousness. A conviction can result in collateral consequences, including community isolation, hindered job prospects, and loss of professional licenses, among others.

When faced with such charges, it is crucial to seek the expertise of a law firm known for its exceptional defense in sex offense cases. Being arrested or charged with sexual imposition does not automatically lead to a conviction. Youngstown Criminal Law Group, with its track record of handling over 20,000 criminal cases, possesses the knowledge and experience to dismiss or reduce your charges using proven sexual imposition defenses in Lisbon.

Building a Defense on Solid Ground

Our firm’s outstanding achievements have earned us recognition from Columbus CEO Magazine, where we have been named Top Lawyer. Moreover, the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys has nominated us as one of Ohio’s 10 Best Criminal Defense Firms. When you choose us to represent you in a sexual imposition case, rest assured that we are dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcome for your situation.

Our in-depth understanding of the various defenses available to Ohio sexual imposition charges enables us to raise constitutional, affirmative, procedural, and evidentiary defenses tailored to your case.

Regardless of your background or the accusations against you, Youngstown Criminal Law Group will fiercely fight for your rights. We firmly believe in your innocence until proven guilty. Our unwavering commitment includes conducting comprehensive investigations, scrutinizing the prosecution’s case for weaknesses, and ensuring that your side of the matter is heard. With a strategic approach, we will craft a compelling defense strategy to protect you in court.

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Ohio sex offense laws in relation to marriage and sexual imposition charges are detailed in Ohio Revised Code § 2907.01. According to the law, marriage can serve as a complete defense to such charges, but certain conditions must be met.

For a marriage to be considered a valid defense, both individuals involved must have been legally married and over the age of 17 (with court recognition) or 18. It’s important to note that if any of the following were true at the time of the alleged offense, the person involved would not be considered a spouse:

  • A written separation agreement was in place
  • An annulment, legal separation, or dissolution of marriage was pending
  • The parties were legally separated

If the alleged sexual imposition meets the state’s requirements for a valid marriage, it can serve as a defense against the charge, resulting in a determination of not guilty.

Lack of knowledge and involuntary movement pose significant challenges that warrant attention.

Ohio sexual imposition laws take into account situations where individuals may accidentally or unknowingly engage in “sexual contact” with another person. Imagine a crowded elevator or a busy street, where an unintentional touch on someone’s buttock, breast, or other sensitive area can happen. However, it’s important to understand that a sexual imposition charge places the burden of proof on the prosecution to show intent on the alleged offender’s part. Simply brushing up against someone accidentally cannot result in a conviction for sexual imposition.

Moreover, Ohio’s sexual imposition law typically requires the prosecution to demonstrate that the alleged offender knew the alleged victim would find the sexual contact offensive or that the alleged offender knew the victim couldn’t consent to it. If the prosecution fails to prove intent and knowledge, our skilled Lisbon prostitution attorneys can strategically weaken their ability to establish these elements, ultimately leading to a failure to meet the requirements for a sexual imposition charge.

Lack of Corroborating Evidence

In Ohio, the law dictates that an individual cannot be convicted of sexual imposition based solely on the testimony of the alleged victim. To secure a conviction, the prosecution must present additional admissible evidence that supports the victim’s accusation and version of events. Various types of evidence commonly include:

  • DNA analysis
  • Identification of physical injuries or signs of contact
  • Photographic or video evidence
  • Testimony from credible witnesses

At Youngstown Criminal Law Group, our defense counsel is experienced in discrediting witnesses and employing strategies to suppress unlawfully obtained evidence. Our aim is to undermine the prosecution’s case by removing substantial evidence, thereby safeguarding your rights. Trust us to protect your interests and build a strong defense.

Non-Sexual Contact

Ohio law clearly distinguishes between unwanted touching that may warrant civil action, touching that can be charged as a battery under criminal law, and touching that constitutes sexual imposition, demanding criminal action.

To establish sexual contact, as defined in Ohio Revised Code § 2907, the prosecution must demonstrate that the unwanted contact involved touching of erogenous zones. These zones include the pubic region, buttocks, genitals, thighs, and in the case of females, the breasts. Moreover, the contact must be intended to sexually gratify or arouse either party involved.

The burden falls on the prosecution to demonstrate that the contact in question fulfills all the elements outlined in Ohio’s sexual imposition law. Failure to do so may lead to the dismissal or reduction of charges.

FAQ: Defending Against Sexual Imposition in Lisbon

Q: What defenses can be used against sexual imposition?

A: Common defenses to sexual imposition include:

  • Marriage: When the parties involved were legally married at the time of the alleged sexual contact, it serves as a complete defense against sexual imposition charges. Please note that this defense does not apply if the parties were legally separated or seeking an annulment or divorce.
  • Lack of corroborating evidence: The burden of proof lies with the prosecution to prove that the contact was sexual. If they fail to provide substantial corroborating evidence, the case may be dismissed.
  • Non-sexual contact: Accidental physical contact without the intent of sexual arousal or gratification can be argued as a defense. Ohio law prohibits conviction solely based on the victim’s testimony.

Q: Can marriage be used as a defense against sexual imposition allegations in Ohio?

A: Yes, marriage can be a complete defense against sexual imposition charges in Ohio, provided that the parties involved were legally married at the time of the alleged sexual contact. However, this defense does not apply if the parties were legally separated or seeking an annulment or divorce.

Q: How can I prove that the contact was non-sexual if charged with sexual imposition?

A: The burden of proof lies with the prosecution to establish that the contact was sexual beyond a reasonable doubt. Ohio law acknowledges that accidental non-sexual contact may occur. Therefore, if the prosecution fails to provide substantial corroborating evidence to support the claim, the charges may be dismissed.

Q: Can lack of knowledge be claimed as a defense against sexual imposition charges in Lisbon?

A: Yes, lack of knowledge can be used as a defense against sexual imposition in Lisbon. To secure a sexual imposition charge, the prosecution must prove knowledge on the part of the accused. Your Lisbon sex crimes lawyer can argue that you did not know the contact was sexual, that you would find the sexual contact offensive, or that the alleged victim was incapable of expressing lack of consent. Ultimately, it is the prosecution’s responsibility to establish knowledge and intent as essential elements of the offense.

Q: Where can I find more information about sexual imposition defenses in Lisbon?

A: To understand Ohio’s sexual imposition law, refer to the Ohio Revised Code § 2907.06, which outlines the state’s definition, charges, and penalties for this offense. Additionally, this comprehensive resource provides links to other relevant Ohio offenses that influence the charges related to sexual imposition. For a thorough exploration of Ohio’s laws regarding sex offenses, Ohio Revised Code § 2907.01 offers comprehensive definitions of key terms commonly encountered.

Lisbon Lawyer Specializing in Sexual Imposition Defense

As the leading Lisbon sex crimes lawyer specializing in cases of sexual imposition, the distinguished team at Youngstown Criminal Law Group possesses the expertise, in-depth knowledge, and unwavering dedication necessary to vigorously defend your rights. Our mission is to diligently construct a robust and compelling defense, ensuring the protection you deserve.

Whether you are currently under investigation, have been apprehended, or are facing charges related to sexual imposition, we are here to assist you. Take the first step in safeguarding your future by contacting our firm today for a complimentary and confidential consultation at 330-992-3036.

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