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Traffic Violations Attorney in Youngstown

There are a lot of traffic violations in Ohio law. Most are simple moving violations that are easily and swiftly dealt with. Others are more serious, leading to large fines, long jail sentences, driver’s license suspensions, and forfeitures of vehicles. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a traffic ticket in Ohio, you need a criminal defense attorney who has extensive training and an aggressive style to help you.

Speeding: Everybody speeds. Some do it without realizing it, while others do it because they can. Sooner or later, it’s likely that any given driver will get a speeding ticket.

Driving with a Suspended License: Many thousands of drivers across the state of Ohio are operating motor vehicles while their driver’s license is under suspension for a previous conviction. Almost every adult has come to depend upon driving themselves here or there, and to find themselves without the privilege to do it can be frustrating. When a person needs a ride and can’t find one, they often drive themselves and hope they don’t get pulled over.

Driving without a License: It’s illegal in the state of Ohio to drive without a valid driver’s license. A person, be they someone learning how to drive or not, who gets caught doing so will find themselves in serious legal trouble.

Hit and Run: When a person does not stop after they’ve been in a car crash, they are considered to be someone who has hit and run. In Ohio, every driver who has been involved in an accident is required by law to share certain information with the other driver(s) or car owner(s) involved. No matter if the car was occupied or not, or the amount of damage, you must stop after an accident.

Reckless Driving: When a person operates a motor vehicle in a way that could cause harm or damage to another person or that person’s property (car, truck, fence, etc.), he or she is considered to be driving recklessly. There is purpose and intent behind the driver’s actions – he or she wants to cause harm or injury. A conviction on this charge can bring jail time and high fines to go along with the points added to your license. Repeated convictions will lead to more severe consequences, including the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

Fleeing and Eluding: Running from the cops is called Fleeing and Eluding, and is a very serious charge, in part because of the danger to the public caused by the high speeds that are generally involved. Those who flee from police face high fines and long jail sentences.

Street Racing: Racing other cars on the street can be very dangerous for bystanders and the general public. Though it’s an exciting activity, it has been made a crime to protect citizens.

Vehicular Assault: Vehicular Assault can lead to years of imprisonment and high fines. It’s never good to try to defend yourself against charges like this one.

Moving Violations: Moving Violations are traffic offenses made while a vehicle is in motion. Generally, a conviction for a moving violation will result in a fine, and points being added to a person’s license. They sometimes cause a person’s insurance rates to rise.

Fight Your Speeding Ticket: Speeding tickets can result in high fines and points on your license. You will probably have to make at least one court appearance. Even though speeding seems to be a small thing, it’s still best to hire a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you in court. Doing so can mean the difference between paying a fine and not paying one.

Have you been cited for a traffic violation in Ohio? If so, you need an aggressive and well-trained criminal defense attorney to stand by your side. Youngstown Criminal Law Group has the attorneys you need to fight your traffic charges. Call them any time of the day or night at (330) 992-3036 for a free initial consultation. They can also be contacted online.

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