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Lawsuits for Sexual Abuse in St. Clairsville

In recent years, the lawsuits involving the cases of sexual abuse have received national attention which resulted in the criminal prosecution of clergy members, Boy Scouts and many other high profile people who were accused and convicted of sexual abuse.

If you or your loved one has been a victim of this serious crime, then we, Logue Law Group, are here to help you. Our St. Clairsville criminal lawyer will listen to your case and ensure that you get the rightful justice.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is the incident of attempting to rape, rape and touching body parts of another person through or without clothes without the consent of the person. In all the states, the definition of sexual assault might differ from one another, but the common line of thought is that it comprises the act of sexual encounter where one party has not consented for the act or coerced into it, or incapacitated or is underage.

Most of the state recognizes the fact that consent can be withdrawn at any point during the act. One major point should be noted that since 1993, all fifty states of the USA including the District of Columbia now acknowledge marital rape as sexual assault and a punishable crime.

Forcible Rape

Forcible rape stands for using physical means to force someone sexually to perform the act without their consent. There are some shocking data you can find about rape in the USA.

  • Nearly 20% of women report that they have been raped during their lifetime.
  • Approximately 2% of forcible rape victims are men
  • In 80% of cases, women are raped at the age of 25 or so
  • While college campuses are the most infamous places for rape, only 20% of the crime there gets reported
  • 30% of the male victim were raped during their childhood
  • FBI statistics say that in the USA, every six minutes, one forcible rape happens. Only 25% of the rapists are prosecuted.

Most of the time, forcible rape happens by someone known to the victim, the dating partner, intimate partner, former lover, acquaintance, spouse or relatives.

Child Sexual Abuse

While sexual abuse is a heinous crime, child sexual assault is a whole different dynamic altogether. Our St. Clairsville criminal lawyer has dealt with hundreds of such cases that involve brutality against children. Child sexual abuse is the incident where an adult or an adolescent pressures, forces or manipulates the child to submit for sexual gratification. It can happen in numerous forms,

  • Coercing or creating psychological pressure on a child for making them take part in a sexual act
  • Forcible rape
  • Exposing genitals or sexual organs to a child or make them watch pornography
  • Making child pornography
  • Groping or fondling through or without clothes

In most of these cases, the accused is a relative, a parent, or someone trusted. As a result, the effect of this on the child can be devastating. They often struggle with lifelong trauma, depression, PTSD, anxiety and so on. Even religious or social organizations are not different either. Often priests, camp counselors or the Boy Scout leaders are the oppressors. Our  St. Clairsville sexual abuse lawyer has represented more than 525 men who were abused as Boy Scouts.

If you or your loved ones have been subjected to such a disturbing ordeal and finally are ready to speak out and seek justice, come to us at Logue Law Group. Our St. Clairsville OVI lawyer is here to help you.

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