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Blood and Breath Tests in St. Clairsville

Police officers typically request your participation in one or more OVI tests to assess impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol. These tests serve as the foundation for determining OVI charges, making them a crucial part of the process. 

There are four types of tests conducted to gauge sobriety:

  • Field sobriety tests conducted at the roadside
  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Breath tests

It’s important to note that false results can occur with any of these tests, potentially leading to wrongful arrests. A skillful and knowledgeable St. Clairsville OVI attorneys can thoroughly analyze the test results, scrutinize the examiner’s conduct, and identify any errors that may have occurred. These errors can potentially lead to a reduction or dismissal of charges.

Field Sobriety Tests

The purpose of these tests is to assess balance, coordination, and general responsiveness to determine intoxication. The National Highway Safety Administration has standard guidelines for these tests, which are followed in all fifty states.

Walk and Turn Test: This test requires walking in a straight line, heel-to-toe, while counting steps. Any deviation from instructions, loss of balance, or arm use for stability can be deemed as indicators of intoxication.

One Leg Stand Test: Participants are required to stand with feet together, lift one leg, and maintain balance while counting aloud for 30 seconds. Inability to maintain count, hopping, lowering the foot, or struggling to balance can suggest impairment.

HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) Test: Participants are asked to track an object (pen, flashlight, or finger) moved horizontally by an officer, without moving their head. Jerky or involuntary eye movements can indicate possible drug or alcohol use.

Field Sobriety Tests present numerous challenges which can affect their reliability. Firstly, these tests are often conducted on the side of the road, without considering adverse weather conditions or low visibility. Additionally, the quality of the road surface can impact the accuracy of the tests, as Ohio’s road sides are typically sloped and prone to potholes, which can hinder performance.

Moreover, factors such as medical conditions, age, and weight contribute to the difficulty of successfully completing these tests. Those who are overweight may struggle with the Walk and Turn or One Leg Stand tests, while senior citizens often face balance issues. Furthermore, certain legal prescriptions and medical conditions can impair test results, even if the individual is completely sober.

Another critical aspect to consider is the training level of the officer administering the tests. If they are not adequately trained, their interpretations of the test results may be unreliable.

When confronted with OVI charges, it is essential to consult a seasoned St. Clairsville OVI lawyer like Sean Logue. With a decade of experience defending clients in similar cases, he possesses the expertise to ask the right questions and analyze field sobriety test outcomes effectively.

Blood, Breath, and Urine Tests

Ohio is among the states where individuals provide implied consent to chemical OVI testing by signing for a driver’s license. When pulled over by law enforcement while driving, it is mandatory to comply with one or more of these tests upon request. Though breath tests are typically administered at the police station or state trooper barracks, they may also be conducted at hospitals.

It is within your rights to refuse these tests, but doing so will lead to an automatic suspension of your license.

If you have been asked to undergo field sobriety or chemical testing to determine if you were driving while intoxicated, we strongly advise you to contact the St. Clairsville Criminal Lawyer Group without delay.

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