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Drunk Driving Charges Helping CDL Holders to Fight

Acquiring a Commercial Driving License (CDL) in the USA is a demanding process. It involves paying a fee and passing tests to obtain the license, requiring dedication and hard work. Your CDL is crucial for remaining employed and earning a living. Unfortunately, if you are pulled over and charged with a DUI violation, it can lead to license revocation, resulting in loss of income.

In Ohio, losing a CDL can have significant consequences. Reinstating the license is challenging, impacting individuals ranging from small business owners to entry-level employees and long-haul truck drivers from out of state. If you are facing DUI charges that could result in losing your CDL in Ohio, seeking guidance from a St. Clairsville OVI Lawyer is essential. The situation might be overwhelming, which is why it is crucial to have the assistance of a professional attorney. At St. Clairsville Criminal Law Group, our experienced St. Clairsville Criminal Lawyer will provide support throughout the trial to ensure the best possible outcome.

The Basic of DUIs for CDL Holder

For commercial drivers, being charged with a DUI can have severe consequences. It is not necessary to be convicted to experience negative effects. Even being accused and arrested for DUI with a high Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) can lead to a 90-day CDL suspension. Refusal to take the test during the incident can result in a one-year administrative suspension. This situation can be devastating since commercial vehicles are essential for work-related travel. Losing the CDL could result in termination by the employer, as driving a commercial vehicle becomes impossible until the license is reinstated. Therefore, having a St. Clairsville Criminal Lawyer by your side is crucial.

If convicted of DUI as a CDL holder, the consequences include:

  • Surrendering the CDL for one year.
  • Lifetime CDL revocation for a second conviction.
  • Facing additional court sanctions and punishments.
  • Potential criminal charges of homicide or manslaughter if DUI leads to a fatal accident.

Welcome to the St. Clairsville OVI Lawyer, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to those facing charges. Our primary goal is to safeguard your rights and craft a robust defense strategy that can lead to the dismissal of all charges against you.

With a diligent investigation of your case, we will leverage every available point to build a solid defense on your behalf. We understand the grave ramifications of DUI on CDL and the importance of your freedom. As such, our St. Clairsville Criminal Lawyer is committed to assisting you in the most effective ways possible.

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