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Vehicle Searches Related to OVI in St. Clairsville

There are instances when law enforcement officers may conduct a search of a vehicle if they suspect the driver to be impaired. However, it is important to note that such searches cannot be conducted arbitrarily. Respected legal professional Sean Logue, an experienced St. Clairsville OVI Lawyer, will promptly remind you that the United States Constitution explicitly prohibits unreasonable searches and the seizure of one’s car. Although the protection for your vehicle is not as robust as that of your home, you are entitled to expect a certain level of privacy inside it. Consequently, law enforcement officers cannot perform a search of your vehicle without a warrant, or without the presence of some exception to this general rule.

One of the most common exceptions is when law enforcement officers decide to search a vehicle after arresting the driver, as they believe they may uncover evidence of a crime inside the car.

Another exception pertains to a search that is directly related to the arrest of the driver. For example, a police officer who stumbles upon a sealed bottle of whiskey on the backseat floor may proceed to arrest the driver on suspicion of OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) and subsequently conduct a search of the vehicle.

Furthermore, there are circumstances in which law enforcement officers believe that a search of your vehicle is necessary for their own protection and safety. A prime illustration would involve their suspicion that you might have a firearm inside your car.

Lastly, if you voluntarily grant permission for law enforcement officers to search your vehicle, they are legally permitted—and highly likely—to proceed with the search. It is strongly advised to decline such requests. In most cases, if they have to request permission to search your vehicle, they likely lack sufficient cause to do so. Exercising your Constitutionally-protected right to privacy is always the more prudent choice.

If you are apprehended for OVI, your vehicle will be towed to an impound yard. Under these circumstances, the police may perform a search of your vehicle to document its contents.

Always bear in mind that you possess a reasonable expectation of privacy in your car, truck, or SUV. Laws exist to mandate that police officers and state troopers obtain warrants before conducting vehicle searches, and you are well within your rights to refuse warrantless searches. Declining to grant consent for a search of your vehicle without a warrant will not result in any legal repercussions.

Please note that officers are legally permitted to detain individuals only for the time necessary to investigate and issue a traffic ticket, ensuring improved speed and efficiency during such encounters.

Under specific circumstances, law enforcement may utilize a drug-sniffing dog to conduct a non-intrusive inspection around your vehicle. It is important to understand that this action does not constitute a search under the law and is considered permissible. However, if the detainment extends beyond a reasonable timeframe due to awaiting the arrival of a dog, the situation may be deemed unlawful. Consequently, any evidence obtained during this delay should be excluded by the judge.

If your vehicle has been searched subsequent to an OVI arrest or if you provided permission to the police following their request, seeking assistance from seasoned attorneys like those at St. Clairsville Criminal Law Group can greatly benefit your case. With decades of combined experience in OVI defense, Sean Logue and his associates have undergone extensive training to effectively represent numerous clients. Frequently, they have been successful in reducing or dismissing OVI charges on behalf of their clients.

It is important to remember that an unwarranted search of your vehicle by the police may be deemed illegal. To conduct a search, law enforcement must have a firm legal foundation and a valid warrant. A defective warrant renders the search just as illegal as conducting one without a warrant. An attorney well-versed in OVI defense can highlight this deficiency to the court, potentially leading to the inadmissibility of any evidence obtained during the search. To initiate this process, your attorney will submit a motion and subsequently present an argument during an “evidentiary hearing.”

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