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When it comes to dealing with an OVI case in Ohio, there are certain requirements that should be kept in mind. Your trusted Steubenville OH OVI lawyer will inform you about the need for drivers with limited driving privileges after an OVI to replace their regular license plates with bright yellow OVI plates, also known as “party plates.” These distinctive plates, featuring red lettering, are officially referred to as “restricted license plates.”

It is important to note that if you are required to have party plates, it is your responsibility to personally handle the installation and payment for them. However, the use of party plates may be optional or mandatory depending on the charges you are facing. For instance, for a first offense OVI, party plates may be optional, while a first offense with a high BAC or subsequent offenses within a specific time frame would make party plates mandatory.

During the period when you have limited driving privileges, it is necessary to have party plates installed on any vehicle you will be operating, excluding work vehicles. It is essential to inform your employer about your restricted driving privileges in such cases.

When are Party Plates Required?

Now, let’s delve into the instances when party plates are required. Depending on the circumstances, their use can be either optional or mandatory. Here is a breakdown for clarification:

  • 1st Offense OVI: Optional
  • 1st Offense with a high BAC: Mandatory
  • 2nd Offense or more in a ten-year period: Mandatory
  • 4th Offense or more in a twenty-year period: Mandatory

Please remember that party plates may be a condition for limited driving privileges. If so, you will need to complete an application for registration of a motor vehicle with restricted plates. This application must then be approved by the judge, a magistrate, or another court official. Once approved, you can take the application to your local BMV office, return your old plates, and obtain the new restricted plates. It’s important to keep in mind that without the required plates on your vehicle, your limited driving privileges will not be valid.

What Can I Do to Keep From Being Forced to Have Party Plates?

Are you worried about having those party plates forced upon you? For many, it’s the most dreaded consequence of an OVI conviction.

But fear not, there is hope! You have the right to contest the OVI charge and plead not guilty. To navigate the complexities of the justice system effectively, it’s crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced Steubenville OH criminal lawyer specializing in OVI defense. With their expertise in ever-changing and intricate OVI laws, you’ll have a trusted companion throughout the trial process who will work tirelessly to deliver the desired results.

Party plates, also known as restricted license plates, have been an option for Ohio judges since 1967. However, their use only became mandatory in 2004.

Driving around with those conspicuous yellow and red plates can be embarrassing and nerve-wracking. Everyone on the road will know about your OVI conviction. It’s even possible that your colleagues may inform your boss or he might witness it himself when you park. This unwelcome attention could put your job, promotion prospects, and even your reputation at risk. On top of that, law enforcement might subject you and your vehicle to increased scrutiny.

If you’re facing a license suspension and want the freedom to commute independently to work or school, or if you simply want to challenge the party plate requirement, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sean Logue, a reputable Steubenville OH OVI lawyer. Sean possesses the dedication, tenacity, and in-depth knowledge of OVI law necessary to be an effective advocate on your behalf. He’s available around the clock to discuss your case and offers flexible payment plans.

To dive deeper into OVI law in Ohio and gain more insights into restricted license plates, consult the Ohio Revised Code, Title 45, Chapter 4511.19.

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