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OVI Jail Alternatives in Steubenville, Ohio

Your Steubenville OH OVI lawyer is a valuable resource who can provide information on alternatives to jail, which may be available to you. Even though Ohio does not have pre-trial diversion programs like some other states, you will still go through the court process. However, there are three ways to prevent a conviction from appearing on your license.

Firstly, you have the opportunity to prove your innocence in court. Secondly, you can seek to have the charges dismissed. Lastly, you can try to persuade the prosecutor to drop the charges.

While a conviction could potentially lead to a jail sentence, there are options to avoid serving time.

One option involves wearing an ankle monitor that continuously detects alcohol levels in your body, 24/7. This device analyzes blood alcohol content through sweat and keeps track of the data. The gathered information is then shared with the judge or probation officer assigned to your case. By choosing this option, you may be granted permission to travel to work, doctor appointments, court hearings, and even shopping. The maximum duration for wearing this monitor is six months, and all associated costs are the responsibility of the offender.

Alternatively, some individuals may be placed under house arrest with an electronic monitoring bracelet attached to their ankle, commonly referred to as HAEM. Although this bracelet does not measure alcohol consumption, it functions as an alert system, notifying authorities if you violate any specified locations. House arrest necessitates you to remain inside your home or within a certain distance from it at all times. In specific cases, you may be allowed to go to work while on house arrest. Your probation officer may conduct random alcohol tests or phone calls to ensure compliance. It is important to note that any violations of the terms of house arrest or attempts to tamper with the monitoring bracelet could result in the reinstatement of your jail sentence. If you are sent back to jail, you may face additional monitoring upon release. Similar to the alcohol monitoring option, the offender is accountable for all costs associated with using an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Avoiding jail time after an OVI conviction in Ohio can be achieved through various alternatives. One option is participation in driver intervention programs. These programs, typically lasting three days, serve as a substitute for incarceration. Their primary aim is to educate offenders about the negative impacts of drugs and alcohol and prevent future offenses. In the Steubenville area, there are multiple programs available. Your trusted Steubenville OH criminal lawyer will provide specific information on timing and location. It’s important to note that not all Ohio counties offer these programs, which may necessitate traveling to a different county for participation. The sessions usually take place in a hotel conference room, where participants spend the entire weekend. There is typically a program fee, mainly applicable to first-time offenders. In addition to the program fee, participants are responsible for their own travel costs, and rescheduling may result in additional charges.

Fortunately, there are various alternatives provided by Ohio to avoid jail time following an OVI charge. For personalized guidance based on your unique case, consult with your trusted Steubenville OH OVI lawyer.

With a wealth of experience in handling an extensive range of OVI cases, Sean Logue is your trusted Steubenville OH OVI lawyer who consistently demonstrates an ability to secure charge reductions or dismissals. Count on his exceptional training and expertise to pursue the optimal outcome for you.

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