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OVI Traffic Stops and Checkpoints in Steubenville, Ohio

The Police Can Pull You Over

Traffic stops present law enforcement officials with specific standards to determine who they can pull over and when. One crucial aspect is reasonable suspicion, which compels officers and troopers to base their decisions on observable facts, such as erratic driving or disregarding traffic signals.

If your Steubenville OH Criminal Lawyer can successfully prove that you were pulled over without reasonable cause, your OVI charges could potentially be dismissed.

OVI Checkpoints in Ohio

In Ohio, sobriety checkpoints, also known as OVI checkpoints or roadblocks, are considered legal. These checkpoints are supported by the court ruling in the case of State vs. Bauer. While some argue that these checkpoints violate the rule of reasonable suspicion, courts consistently uphold their importance in keeping drunk drivers off the road.

During an OVI checkpoint, law enforcement officers stop vehicles to assess drivers for signs of intoxication. For an OVI checkpoint to be deemed legal in Ohio, it must meet four specific criteria:

  • Sufficient advance warning, including proper lighting at nighttime.
  • Use of established policies to ensure neutrality and standard procedures.
  • Placement in a safe location that is visible to approaching drivers.
  • Presence of police vehicles and uniformed officers at the checkpoint.

The officers at the checkpoint should employ a systematic approach to select which vehicles to stop, whether it is every vehicle or every third, fourth, or fifth one.

During the course of the stop, officers may request your name and driver’s license, as well as ask you questions. However, it’s important to note that you are not legally obliged to respond. Additionally, an officer can only extend the duration of the stop if they have reasonable suspicion of intoxication.

What Do I Do if the Cops Stop me?

If you ever find yourself being stopped by the police, it’s crucial to prioritize the safety of both you and the officer. Pull over in a location that minimizes traffic interference, like a parking lot or a side street. During nighttime stops, turn on your dome light, making it easier for the approaching officer to see you clearly. Before the officer arrives, turn off any audio distractions and firmly grip the steering wheel.

Provide necessary information: Legally, you are required to provide certain details to the officer, including your name, insurance information, and driver’s license. However, remember that you have the right to remain silent and only answer questions regarding these specific obligations. If you choose to speak, be polite and concise. Alternatively, you can inform the officer that you prefer to wait for the presence of your Steubenville OH criminal lawyer before responding.

Understand your rights: If you believe you’re being unjustifiably detained, you have the right to inquire about leaving. However, avoid making any sudden movements or attempting to drive away without the officer’s instruction. Stay inside your vehicle unless directed otherwise.

Cooperate calmly: If asked to step out of your vehicle, comply calmly and proceed slowly. In cases where the officer suspects intoxication, they may request field sobriety tests or a breathalyzer. While you have the right to refuse, be aware that there may be penalties associated with doing so, such as potential driver’s license suspension.

Remember that you always have the right to remain silent and decline field sobriety or chemical tests. However, it’s important to recognize that refusing to answer questions may affect the prosecution’s evidence against you, potentially making their case more difficult. If you find yourself arrested, particularly after refusing testing for an OVI, it’s advisable to seek legal representation from a trusted Steubenville OH OVI lawyer.

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