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Experienced Robbery Defense Attorneys in Youngstown

The legal team at Youngstown Criminal Law Group offers a wealth of experience with an impressive track record of handling several cases. Our reputation as one of Ohio’s top-rated Youngstown Criminal Law Groups underscores our commitment to achieving favorable results for our clients. When charged with robbery in Youngstown, securing a Youngstown OVI lawyer from our Youngstown Criminal Law Group means gaining an ally who recognizes the unique nature of every case and strives tirelessly towards securing the best possible outcome for you.

Facing robbery or aggravated robbery charges is a serious situation. In Youngstown, our Youngstown criminal attorneys will exhaust every avenue to secure a positive result—whether through negotiation to lessen your sentence or assertive representation at trial to seek an acquittal. Immediate action is crucial for your future, so contact us without delay at (330) 992-3036

Understanding Robbery vs. Aggravated Robbery

The Ohio Revised Code § 2911.02 describes robbery as an act intertwined with theft or attempted theft, accompanied by:

  • Possession or control over a deadly weapon
  • Infliction, attempted infliction, or threat of physical harm
  • Immediate application or threat of force

Robbery can be considered a second-degree or third-degree felony, depending on the specific circumstances.

An offense escalates to aggravated robbery as defined by ORC § 2911.01 when the perpetrator:

  • Shows or uses a weapon during the act
  • Has certain dangerous weapons under their control
  • This includes modified firearms, explosive materials, military-grade arms, and other classified weapons
  • Causes or tries to cause grave physical injury to another individual

Furthermore, the act of disarming or the attempt to disarm an on-duty law enforcement officer automatically categorizes the crime as aggravated robbery.

Constituting a first-degree felony, aggravated robbery carries substantial legal consequences.

Defense Strategies for Robbery & Aggravated Robbery Cases

Each case of robbery or aggravated robbery presents distinct characteristics; thus, our defense strategies are meticulously tailored. We often concentrate on disassembling the prosecution’s evidence, challenging their ability to prove every requisite element of the offense. The analogical ‘four-legged chair’ illustrates our approach—if one leg (element) fails, the case should not stand.

For example, if the evidence falls short of establishing that the accused displayed a weapon or exerted force, we may argue for reclassification to a lesser offense, such as theft. If no actual theft occurred, we might contend that the act was merely an intimidating gesture, not robbery.

Prompt engagement with a Youngstown criminal lawyer can greatly benefit your defense, allowing us to start developing your case strategy early on.

Influence of Substances on Robbery & Aggravated Robbery Charges

Substance influence during the commission of a robbery can potentially open doors to alternative legal resolutions other than prison. Those who recognize the need for treatment could be eligible for rehabilitative programs. We can advocate for participation in drug treatment, residential programs, or community corrections initiatives as an alternative to incarceration.

Navigating through the complexities of robbery and aggravated robbery charges can be intimidating. Youngstown Criminal Law Group provides the expertise, dedication, and resources necessary to face these challenges and protect your future. Our Youngstown OVI lawyers are seasoned in criminal defense and committed to delivering comprehensive and effective legal representation. Contact us to discuss your case specifics and explore the paths towards a favorable legal outcome.

Consequences for Robbery and Aggravated Robbery Violations

OffensePresumption of Prison  Minimum Sentence
Aggravated Robbery (First-Degree Felony) Yes                 3 to 11 years
Robbery (Second-Degree Felony) Yes                 2 to 8 years
Robbery (Third-Degree Felony)No  9 to 36 months

Robbery offenses, classified as high-level felonies, typically carry an assumption of prison time, though judges retain discretion in sentencing. According to ORC § 2929.12, judges consider various factors, such as prior criminal history, when determining sentences. A clean record may tilt the scales toward leniency.

It’s worth noting that the prison terms outlined earlier represent minimum sentences. Prior to the enactment of ORC § 2929.144, aggravated robbery convictions mandated a fixed sentence ranging from three to 11 years. However, with the introduction of this law, sentences can be augmented based on behavior during incarceration. The maximum sentence now equals the minimum sentence plus 50% of that duration. These guidelines stem from the Reagan Tokes Law, detailed in an Ohio Court of Appeals, 8th District document.

For example, if convicted of aggravated robbery and handed a minimum sentence of 10 years, the term could potentially extend to 15 years.

Third-degree felony convictions entail definite sentences, rather than indefinite ones. If the defendant has two prior robbery or burglary convictions, the prison term could escalate to a maximum of five years instead of three.

The Lasting Impact of Robbery Charges in Youngstown

Dealing with the aftermath of being involved in a robbery or aggravated robbery case in Youngstown extends far beyond serving time. A guilty plea or conviction puts a permanent mark on your record that can’t be erased, and it may significantly hinder your future by impacting career opportunities as well as your rights to own a firearm and to vote. Having a dedicated Youngstown OVI attorney to advocate for you might be a game-changer, ensuring someone is there to protect your interests every step of the way.

Understanding Robbery & Aggravated Robbery

  • Clarifying the Difference: Second vs Third-Degree Robbery
  • Without a weapon involved: Robbing someone at a second-degree felony level entails inflicting, or threatening harm in conjunction with a theft. Meanwhile, third-degree felony robbery, which is less severe in terms of penalties, involves using or threatening force without necessarily causing harm during a theft. The terms “inflicting physical harm” versus “use of force” leave room for interpretation and the specifics can greatly affect the charges.
  • Strategies to Avoid Incarceration
  • Case-by-case: The individual circumstances of your case dictate the defense used, but there are general strategies. For example, your Youngstown OVI attorney might negotiate to downgrade the severity of the charge or aim to have it dismissed entirely.
  • Undermining the prosecution’s argument: A Youngstown criminal attorney’s task is to challenge each element, be it the existence of theft or the presence of a weapon.
  • Exploring alternatives: Presenting you as a low risk for reoffending, possibly through treatment for substance use, could be an avenue away from prison time.
  • Identifying Aggravated Robbery Incidents
  • The role of weapons: The critical factor for an aggravated robbery charge is the use of a deadly weapon—the sort capable of lethal harm.
  • Weapon usage: It matters how the weapon was part of the crime. Merely possessing a potentially deadly item, like a concealed pocket knife, without using it in the robbery, typically doesn’t escalate the situation to aggravated robbery.
  • Action Steps Post-Arrest
  • Your rights matter: Take your Miranda Rights seriously. Remaining silent protects against self-incrimination.
  • The right to representation: Having a Youngstown criminal attorney familiar with robbery or aggravated robbery cases is essential. They’re equipped to communicate with law enforcement and the judiciary effectively on your behalf.

Seek Professional Counsel in Youngstown for Robbery Charges

If you’re facing robbery or aggravated robbery accusations in Youngstown, our Youngstown Criminal Law Group is prepared to help.Reach out to Youngstown Criminal Law Group by calling (330) 992-3036 Schedule a chat with a Youngstown criminal attorney who specializes in robbery cases to discuss your legal options.

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