Legal Support for Justice-Related Charges

The dedicated team at Youngstown Criminal Law Group provides comprehensive legal assistance to individuals facing various charges related to the justice system and public administration in the Youngstown area, including all of Mahoning County.

All the charges our clients encounter share a common thread—they all impact different facets of Ohio’s criminal justice framework, from law enforcement operations to court proceedings and public policy regulations.

The laws about justice-related offenses are outlined in Ohio’s Chapter 2921. Some of the specific charges include:

  • 2921.12 – Tampering with Evidence
  • 2921.331 – Noncompliance with a Police Officer’s Order or Signal
  • 2921.33 – Resisting Arrest
  • 2921.32 – Obstructing Justice
  • 2921.11 – Perjury
  • 2921.52 – Utilizing Fake Legal Documents
  • 2921.51 – Impersonation of a Peace Officer
  • 2921.45 – Infringing on Civil Liberties
  • 2921.44 – Neglect of Duty
  • 2921.43 – Accepting or Requesting Unlawful Compensation
  • 2921.421 – Appointment of Assistants or Employees by Certain Legal Officers
  • 2921.42 – Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract
  • 2921.41 – Theft Within One’s Office
  • 2921.38 – Inmate Harassment
  • 2921.37 – Arrest Authority Within a Detention Center
  • 2921.36 – Illegal Transfer of Prohibited Items into Correctional Facilities
  • 2921.35 – Assisting in Escapes or Resisting Arrest
  • 2921.34 – Escape
  • 2921.321 – Assault or Harassment of Service Animals
  • 2921.31 – Obstruction of Official Operations
  • 2921.23 – Failure to Assist Law Enforcement Personnel
  • 2921.22 – Nondisclosure of a Crime or Untimely Death
  • 2921.21 – Concealing Offenses
  • 2921.15 – False Accusation of Misconduct Against Officers
  • 2921.14 – False Reporting of Child Abuse or Neglect
  • 2921.13 – False Statements in Theft or Firearm Transactions
  • 2921.05 – Retaliation
  • 2921.04 – Threatening Behavior Toward Legal Professionals or Witnesses
  • 2921.03 – Coercion
  • 2921.02 – Bribery

If you find yourself facing allegations of any offense related to public administration or justice as illustrated in Chapter 2921 of Ohio law, then the legal experts at Youngstown Criminal Law Group are prepared to provide robust defense services. Whether you are dealing with a charge as serious as a felony or a misdemeanor, we offer our extensive experience to clients throughout the Youngstown region.

For those accused of any crime against justice—including cases such as interfering with a witness or engaging in bribery—it’s imperative to secure the counsel of a battle-tested Youngstown criminal lawyer from Youngstown Criminal Law Group. Get in contact with us or call us at (330) 992-3036 for a discussion about the specifics of your situation today.

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