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Vehicular Assault Allegations in Youngstown, Ohio

Facing accusations of vehicular assault in Ohio means dealing with serious implications. Authorities will level charges when they suspect reckless behavior or driving while influenced by alcohol or drugs. The repercussions of driving under intoxication—also known as an OVI offense—are severe, with stringent sentencing and rigorous prosecution likely to follow.

Those charged with OVI-related infractions should seek the expertise of a Youngstown criminal  lawyer. A professional will guide you through the complex legal system, ensuring you have the best shot at challenging the allegations and moving forward with your life.

The potential consequences of a vehicular assault verdict could be life-altering. Ensuring that your legal rights are secured and deploying a robust defense is paramount to maintain your liberty.

Sean Logue from the Youngstown Criminal Law Group possesses a deep understanding of Ohio legislation. Sean Logue is committed to presenting a tenacious defense on your behalf amid the pressurization that a culpability case, particularly an OVI-related one, invokes. With Sean Logue’s exemplary commitment to client service, rest assured you’re in capable hands.

To confer about your charges with Sean Logue personally, you may contact him at (330) 992-3036c or fill out an online form to schedule a no-cost, confidential meeting. The Youngstown Criminal Law Group takes pride in advocating for clients throughout Mahoning County and its adjacent regions.

Vehicular Assault as Defined by Ohio State Law

The Ohio Revised Code clearly states that inflicting grave physical harm to another individual—or their unborn—can happen in several ways:

  • Driving any motorized conveyance while impaired by substances or with negligence. A blood alcohol concentration of .08% is the legal maximum for operating vehicles.
  • Controlling, directing, or mismanaging any marine craft on Ohio’s waters, whilst intoxicated or with recklessness.
  • Engaging in hazardous aircraft operations, whether unauthorized, carelessly, in an intoxicated state, or through the deliberate disruption of navigational aids for aeronautic purposes.

Motorized conveyances are expansive in definition, encompassing not only road vehicles like cars and motorcycles but also snowmobiles, trains, boats, and planes.

A third-degree felony is on the card for vehicular assault charges tied to an OVI in Ohio, with penal consequences of up to five years and possibly a $10,000 penalty. Such a charge can also usher in a Class Three license suspension, which might see driving privileges revoked for a duration of two to ten years.

If vehicular assault stems from reckless vehicle operations, it gets categorized as a fourth-degree felony. This could lead to 18 months of incarceration, up to $5,000 in fines, and a possible five-year driving license suspension.

Youngstown Criminal Law Group Vehicular Assault Defense in Mahoning County

Contending with a vehicular assault accusation in Youngstown, Ohio, should not be taken lightly. Engage the services of Youngstown Criminal Law Group to endeavor for lighter charges or a dismissal. Sean Logue spares no effort in formulating a comprehensively fortified defense that meticulously lays out your case. His priority is to ensure every avenue for a fair trial is available to you.

Contact Sean Logue today at (330) 992-3036 or through an online form for a private, free discussion of your predicament. Representing accused individuals around Mahoning County, Sean Logue’s expertise could be your advantage in the courtroom. Don’t face the judicial system unaccompanied; ensure you have a Youngstown OVI attorney advocating on your behalf.

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