Lawsuit for Hernia Mesh

Hernia mesh lawsuits are filed when the medical device that is used during the hernia surgery is designed defectively and the manufacturing company didn’t warn the medical providers about it and that has led to serious consequences and complications for the failure of the device.

Information About Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

The line of argument for the plaintiff attorney is that the mesh is defectively designed which is leading to problems like unnecessary repairs and injuries. This could have been avoided if substitute mesh products or sutures are used in their place.

These faulty mesh devices are made with materials that will shrink, contract, migrate, harden or fail and that will cause further damage of nerve, bowel, and will require the patient to go through another surgery.

Often the manufacturing company promotes the unnecessary use of the mesh device in the cases of smaller hernia repair which can be done successfully with the laparoscopic procedure and with sutures.

If you or your loved ones have received such faulty hernia mesh devices, then our Cleveland hernia mesh lawyer will help you.

Injuries From Hernia Mesh and Side Effects

When it comes to abdominal wall hernia repair, a surgeon will typically do it without mesh or with biological mesh which will pose lesser risks than the synthetic products that are available in the market.

Most of the hernia synthetic mesh devices available in the market since 2005 have got clearance with FDA’s 510k process. During the manufacturing and distribution, they didn’t go through the right studies for the safety of the devices. Most of them have been withdrawn from the market without any word or have been recalled.

The defective mesh devices that contain design defects and undisclosed or under-disclosed risks can often cause the following problems.

  • Usage of coating on the mesh products leading to adverse reactions and infections
  • Excessive contraction between mesh and tissue
  • The mesh getting shrunk, migrated and hardened into a ball or a mass
  • Body rejecting the mesh as a foreign element

The side effects that a patient might face can include

  • Infection
  • Obstruction in intestine or adhesion
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Permanent damage of nerve
  • Revision surgery to remove or revise the mesh

If you or your loved ones have got the hernia mesh repair surgery, then lookout for the signs like fever, fatigue, constipation, irritable bowel, severe pain, issues with urine. These issues or the side effects from the mesh can occur right after the surgery or even after one year. In any case, you need to consult with your doctor right away. And in case this situation occurs due to defective hernia mesh, you need to come to our Cleveland hernia mesh lawyer.

Compensation of the Lawsuit

If you are filing a case for sustaining injuries and complications due to a defective hernia, then you need to come to us at Youngstown Criminal Law Group. We will seek resolution for the following compensations:

  • Expenses for past and future medical expenses including your revision surgery, treatment of infection, obstruction and care for severe or chronic pain
  • Past and future pain caused by the injury due to defective products and excruciating recovery process
  • Past and future loss of wages
  • Past and future loss in terms of ability to earn money
  • Punitive damages if applied

Come to Youngstown Criminal Law Group and let our Cleveland hernia mesh lawyer take care of your case.

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