Philips CPAP Lawsuit in Youngstown

CPAP machines from Philips have been used for sleep apnea as well as for many other reasons contributing to obstruction while breathing. However, this year i.e. 2021, the manufacturing company has voluntarily recalled their CPAP and Bi-level PAP machines for defects that are causing lung injuries and cancer. If you or your loved one has been using the machine and are/is currently dealing with lung injuries and cancer, then you need to file a lawsuit and for that, you need to hire a reliable Youngstown CPAP lawyer.

At Youngstown Criminal Law Group, we are representing clients who have been using these machines from Philips and currently showing symptoms of lung injuries and cancer. We are here to listen to you, help you get the compensation that will cover atleast some of your expenses and medical bills. Come to us today.

About Philips CPAP Lawsuit

Philips has voluntarily recalled their Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure(Bi-PAP), Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and mechanical ventilator devices in June 2021. The reason for the recall is the potential health risks due to the polyester-based polyurethane sound abetment foam component and its degradation. It is emitting outgas or causing toxic air and carcinogen ingestion for the patient. The products from the first generation DreamStation range are included in the recalled devices.

The company is getting sued because they failed to warn the customers in the user manual about how harmful the device can be for the patient. As a result, many are at risk now, suffering from lung injuries and cancer. If you or your loved one has been in the same condition, then seek help from a Youngstown CPAP lawyer.

Possible Side Effects and Injuries

Due to the foam degradation in the Bi-level PAP and CPAP machine, the following issues can happen to the patients as per the Philips company:

  • Possible carcinogenic effects or cancer
  • Toxic effects from gas ingestion
  • Issues with respiration
  • Negative effects on kidney, liver and other organs
  • Inflammations
  • Headaches
  • Irritation in skin, eye and respiratory tract

Apart from all of these, Philips has also reported black particles in the airway of the machine. The company has been receiving several complaints regarding sinus infection, upper airway irritation, chest congestion and headaches.

Health Risks for Off Gassing

Philips also reports about the effects of off-gassing that can happen if the patient is using Bi-level PAP and CPAP machines:

  • Possible carcinogenic effects or cancer
  • Possible toxic effect from ingestion of the gas
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headache
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Irritation in eye, skin, respiratory tract

Compensations You are Entitled to

If you or your loved one has been using these machines and currently dealing with the problems of lung injury, cancer or any of the aforementioned complications, you are entitled to the following compensations:

  • Past and future medical bills and costs of procedures
  • Compensation for past and future physical pain and mental trauma
  • Wage loss due to sickness and complications
  • Economic loss due to the condition and treatment
  • Punitive damage if any

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