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Youngstown Criminal Law Group: The Top Defense Lawyers in Ohio for Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor Cases

If you’re facing an accusation of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, finding the right Lisbon prostitution attorney is crucial. The outcome of your case could mean the difference between a life behind bars or having the charges dismissed. With over 15,000 successfully managed criminal defense cases, Youngstown Criminal Law Group is the name you can trust in Lisbon, OH.

What sets us apart? We have earned the title of top defense lawyers in Ohio, and in 2020, we were proud winners of the Gold for the Clients Champion award. These accolades are a testament to our unwavering dedication to our clients and their cases.

When you choose us to build your defense, rest assured that we leave no stone unturned. Our approach goes beyond simply disproving the prosecution. We leverage our extensive experience to protect your rights vigorously. Youngstown Criminal Law Group fights for a fair trial, aiming for the lowest possible sentence or even dismissal. Remember, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Lisbon – Protecting Your Rights and Fighting for Justice

Facing allegations of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in Lisbon can be overwhelming. Instead of navigating the legal complexities alone, seek support from Youngstown Criminal Law Group. Our team is dedicated to crafting a robust defense strategy aimed at potentially reducing your charges. Don’t succumb to the public scrutiny that often accompanies such accusations. Recognize the severity of this offense and trust seasoned professionals to handle your case.

Reach out to us now at 330-992-3036 for a complimentary case assessment. We strive to assist in constructing a defense that may lead to lowered or dismissed charges. Don’t assume the worst outcome when you can have a reputable law firm advocating for you. Youngstown Criminal Law Group is committed to providing the assistance you need.

Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor: An Overview

Consent stands as a pivotal factor in any criminal sexual conduct case. However, things become far more intricate when a minor is involved.

Let’s dive into Ohio’s Statutory Rape law, which clearly states that individuals 18 years or older cannot “engage in sexual conduct” with anyone below the age of 16. Keep in mind that this statute fully applies to minors aged 13 to 16, and any violation of engaging in sexual conduct with a minor across this age bracket leads to a fourth-degree felony charge.

But that’s not all. Other regulations under age consent law also warrant attention:

  • If the offender is merely four years older than the minor, unlawful sexual conduct may be considered a first-degree misdemeanor.
  • However, the severity of the charges increases to a third-degree felony if the age difference between the offender and the minor reaches ten years or more.
  • For those with prior convictions of rape or sexual battery, the courts may treat the case as a second-degree felony.

Allow me to emphasize that if the minor involved happens to be under 13 years old, legal proceedings categorize this as rape, carrying significantly more severe penalties. In fact, life in prison may be a possibility, except for offenders who are 16 years old or younger. It’s important to note that various factors, such as the offender’s criminal history, age disparity, injuries to the minor, or the minor’s age (under 10 years old), can escalate the charges to life imprisonment without parole.

Nevertheless, when the defendant holds a position within a school or serves in a temporary disciplinary role, like a troop leader, babysitter, coach, or mental health care provider, the charges shift to sexual battery. Ohio Revised Code section 2907.03 squarely defines this offense and, if convicted, individuals face felony charges. The severity of these charges ultimately depends on the circumstances of the case.

Bear in mind that any allegations of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor are gravely serious, irrespective of whether the minor gave consent or not. A defendant’s overall well-being and reputation hinge on the strength of their defense. At the esteemed Youngstown Criminal Law Group, we stand ready to take the necessary steps to protect you to the best of our abilities.

The Credibility of the Accuser

When it comes to handling allegations of sexual abuse involving children or minors, credibility becomes a sensitive subject. The legal process extends far beyond a trial. In order to assess the mental state of the child, mental health and social service professionals thoroughly examine various aspects of their life, including their home environment and external factors that may influence their judgment.

These diligent professionals are tasked with ensuring the safety of the child, and their comprehensive examinations play a crucial role in determining innocence or guilt. Naturally, there are valid reasons to question a child’s credibility.

Within the credibility defense, here are a couple of arguments that the defense can present:

The Child is Lying

A child may fabricate allegations of sexual abuse due to anger, a desire for acceptance, revenge, or even a lack of understanding about sexual conduct. This highlights the need for thorough examination and questioning of the minor in order to uncover any underlying factors behind the accusations.


Sometimes, a minor’s lack of knowledge about sexual conduct can lead to exaggeration. While different from outright lying, it can still stem from similar motives. It is important to consider that a sexual encounter with a minor who gave consent but later exaggerated the offense can have serious consequences, but it might also result in reduced charges and sentencing. Based on the specifics of the case, a defense team will determine the most suitable approach to understanding why a minor might exaggerate.

Adult Influence: Understanding the Impact

When an adult manipulates a child into lying about a sexual interaction, it is crucial to recognize the seriousness of the situation. Such behavior should never be tolerated, and it demands careful consideration. Pressure from an adult for a child to falsely accuse a defendant of sexual abuse signifies a high likelihood of other detrimental circumstances affecting the child. Divorce, revenge, money, custody battles, and various other factors can lead an adult to manipulate a child, but let us be clear: none of these justifications are acceptable.

In cases where a parent or guardian coerces a child to lie under oath, the consequences can be severe. Perjury charges may be brought against the adult if the defendant is ultimately found not guilty, which carries a felony charge. To counter-sue in these instances, the defendant must be proven innocent. This is precisely why seeking the assistance of a reputable Lisbon defense lawyer can prove invaluable.

Understanding the legal implications is crucial when facing court proceedings. Allegations of sexual misconduct carry consequences that extend far beyond imprisonment or criminal records. They include compulsory sex offender registration, travel limitations, employment restrictions, and even obstacles in registering for certain educational institutions. Moreover, once a case like this becomes public, it invites a level of judgment from society that can significantly complicate one’s life.

At Youngstown Criminal Law Group, our Lisbon sex crimes attorneys are prepared to fiercely protect your rights, regardless of the circumstances. Rest assured that we will handle your defense with the utmost care, ensuring a more peaceful life moving forward. Reach out to our offices today to schedule your complimentary consultation. We are here to support you during these challenging times.

The Violation of Fourth Amendment Rights

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution was designed to safeguard individuals from government intrusion. It grants the right to privacy and protection against excessive force during search and seizure conducted by law enforcement. To conduct a search, police officers must have probable cause and obtain a warrant. Without probable cause, they have no authority to search personal belongings or properties unless given explicit permission.

In 2020, the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act (EARN IT Act) was enacted to combat child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) online. It encourages voluntary scanning of user files on various platforms such as social media, email, and cloud storage. These files are compared to a child pornography database maintained by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). While the act aims to reduce the exploitation of children, its constitutionality under the Fourth Amendment has been challenged. Therefore, if your case involves online evidence, we need to thoroughly examine how it was acquired.

It’s important to note that private service providers like Google or Microsoft are not government officials and cannot violate your Fourth Amendment rights. However, depending on the circumstances, there may be grounds to challenge the admissibility of evidence obtained through their scanning practices. The complexity of these situations underscores the need for professional legal guidance to navigate them effectively.

This is just one example of how the defense of Fourth Amendment rights can play out in court. While it may appear intricate, we possess the knowledge and expertise to handle any defense, regardless of the novelty or timeliness of the law. We stay up to date to ensure your protection is paramount.

The Challenge of Mistaken Identity in Sexual Abuse Cases

The rise of the internet has brought about an alarming increase in unlawful sexual conduct involving minors. Alongside this concerning trend, there is another issue that warrants attention: mistaken identity. Factors such as location, lighting conditions, chemical restraints, and visibility impairments can all contribute to cases of mistaken identity, further complicating matters in instances of sexual abuse.

When the defense of mistaken identity is raised, it can introduce a reasonable doubt that undermines the prosecution’s argument. In order to secure a guilty verdict, it is crucial for the judge and jury to have absolute certainty of the defendant’s culpability. This defense places the burden on the prosecutor to put forth a compelling case.

Mounting a successful mistaken identity defense requires a robust strategy and thorough character defense. DNA evidence often plays a pivotal role in these cases, but it is imperative not to wait until the last minute to establish this defense. During the discovery process, it is essential to provide the prosecution with all relevant evidence, giving them an opportunity to scrutinize and exploit any weaknesses or gaps in your defense. Furthermore, the credibility of witnesses will undeniably come under close examination, making it vital to choose character witnesses whose credibility is beyond reproach.

When facing allegations of sexual abuse, the challenge of mistaken identity can greatly impact the outcome. By understanding the complexities involved and employing a strategic and comprehensive defense plan, you can better navigate these delicate and high-stakes situations.


According to Ohio Revised Code section 2945.58, providing an alibi to the prosecution should occur no later than seven days before the trial. This allows for thorough cross-examination and investigation of your alibis. It is crucial to note that an alibi can either bolster or weaken your case. Therefore, it is advisable to have your Lisbon prostitution attorney scrutinize and challenge them before presenting them to the prosecution, ensuring they serve a positive role in your defense strategy.

To substantiate your defense, here are several ways to prove your alibis:

Family and Friends as Reinforcement:

Relying on the testimony of family and friends can reinforce your alibi. However, their statements may be viewed as biased, potentially raising doubts about the credibility of your defense. It is essential to consider whether they would be willing to provide false testimony on your behalf to strengthen your case.

Strangers as Witnesses:

Strangers who observed you at the location you claim to have been when the incident occurred, such as waitresses or store clerks, can serve as strong defense witnesses. To establish the witnesses’ credibility, it is advisable to provide character references to the court. Every piece of information and testimony should be supported by credible sources.

Material Alibis:

Material alibis include receipts, computer data, or cell phone location tracking records. These tangible pieces of evidence can be pivotal in determining guilt or innocence. For instance, if you present a stranger alibi stating that you were at a restaurant during the time of the crime, supported by your mother’s testimony and a receipt for the meal you paid for, you are likely to have a compelling alibi scenario that can help clear you from being at the crime scene.

Frequently Asked Questions about Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor

Q: What if I didn’t know the person was a minor?

A: In cases where you were unaware of the individual’s age, the mistake of age defense may apply. It is possible that they provided false information or deception, such as displaying a fake ID, leading you to believe they were over 16 years old. While this defense can be beneficial when building your case, it is important to note that, under Ohio law, it is typically not sufficient to be used alone as a defense.

Q: Can I still be charged if the minor and I say we consented to sexual conduct?

A: Even if the minor claims consent to sexual conduct, it does not serve as a valid defense against unlawful sexual conduct with a minor charges. Ohio law states that individuals under the age of 16 are unable to legally consent to sexual activities. As a result, regardless of both parties’ consent, you can still face charges.

Q: What if we were close to the same age?

A: Generally, the proximity in age between the parties involved can be argued for a lesser penalty. For example, if an 18-year-old engaged in unlawful sexual conduct with a 15-year-old, the potential consequences might be less severe compared to cases involving victims who are 13 years old or younger.

Q: Can I receive a lesser charge under the Romeo and Juliet law?

A: Ohio’s statutory rape law includes the “Romeo and Juliet law,” which allows for a reduced charge if the age difference is less than four years. In some scenarios, if you were 18 and engaged in unlawful sexual conduct with a 15-year-old, you might be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor instead of a felony. However, the applicability of this law depends on the circumstances of your case. It may be beneficial to seek the assistance of a Lisbon sex crimes lawyer from our firm for a better understanding of these defenses.

Youngstown Criminal Law Group: Lisbon Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor Defense Lawyer

Ensuring your protection in unlawful sexual conduct with a minor case is of utmost importance. At Youngstown Criminal Law Group, we are dedicated to empowering your case and leveraging your defense to mitigate or even dismiss the charges against you.

Take a proactive step today by contacting us at 330-992-3036 for a complimentary consultation. Our paramount goal is to safeguard your rights. Irrespective of the circumstances, everyone deserves a fair trial, and remember, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Don’t allow intimidation to take hold – let Youngstown Criminal Law Group advocate on your behalf. We possess the expertise required to defend you effectively within a court of law.

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