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Engaging in Prostitution

Under Ohio law, there are various sex crimes associated with prostitution. Engaging in prostitution entails either an implied or explicit agreement to exchange sexual activity for something of value. Payments can be made directly to the person involved in the activity, the person trafficking the individual, or any individual connected to them.

The offense of engaging in prostitution targets individuals who recklessly induce, entice, or procure others for hire in sexual activities in exchange for something of value provided by the recipient.

It is important to note that this crime focuses on punishing those who engage in sex work, not those who pay for it. Those who pay for sex may be charged with solicitation and/or loitering to engage in solicitation. Additionally, this offense does not cover those involved in promoting prostitution, compelling prostitution, enticing others to patronize a prostitute, or trafficking individuals for prostitution. These crimes are separate, and charges are filed against those involved in prostitution in roles beyond sex work itself.

Ohio Engaging in Prostitution Attorney

If you or someone you know is facing charges for engaging in prostitution in Ohio, the potential consequences include jail time, probation, fines, and community service. To explore options for having your prostitution or solicitation charges dismissed or reduced, reach out to the Youngstown Criminal Law Group. Our skilled Lisbon sex crimes attorneys are dedicated to achieving favorable outcomes for your case.

Take control of your chance at freedom by consulting with an experienced Lisbon sex crimes attorney. Contact Youngstown Criminal Law Group at 330-992-3036 to schedule a free consultation today. We provide legal services to the greater Lisbon area, including nearby counties such as Columbiana, Butler, Warren, Brown, and Clermont.

Penalties for Engaging in Prostitution

Engaging in prostitution is classified as a misdemeanor of the first degree in Ohio. Typically, misdemeanors of the first degree entail a maximum jail sentence of 180 days and a fine not exceeding $1,000. However, this offense also includes a mandatory sentence designed to prevent future engagement in this illicit activity. Furthermore, individuals convicted of this offense may face a fine of up to $1,500, surpassing the usual $1,000 imposed for misdemeanors of the first degree.

It is important to acknowledge that the criminalization of sex work remains a contentious subject. Advocates pushing for the safety and protection of sex workers have prompted other prostitution-related offenses in Ohio to carry more stringent penalties than those imposed on the sex workers themselves.

Statute Of Limitations

The statute of limitations for engaging in prostitution is two years from the date of the alleged offense. Once the statute of limitations period stemming from the date of the alleged offense has elapsed, no charges can be filed against someone for engaging in prostitution.

Entrapment, a common occurrence in sex work, can lead to accusations of engaging in prostitution. However, individuals accused of this offense may have their charges dismissed if they can demonstrate that law enforcement officers coerced, threatened, or otherwise influenced them to commit the act.

Interestingly, arrests and charges for engaging in prostitution can be made even before any sexual activity takes place. Although the elements of this crime make such a scenario possible and actionable, a successful defense can be raised if the arresting officer lacked probable cause prior to taking the alleged offender into custody. A defense of “lack of probable cause” may potentially succeed unless there is documented evidence of an explicit offer to engage in prostitution.

It is crucial to remember that all Americans are entitled to due process rights, which, if violated, may result in the dismissal of underlying offenses. For instance, if a law enforcement officer engages in outrageous conduct during a sting operation, such as engaging in sexual activity before making an arrest, the alleged offender can raise a defense based on due process violation. Other violations of due process rights may include unlawful search and seizure actions or holding a person accused of engaging in prostitution in a “false imprisonment” scenario.

Youngstown Criminal Law Group – Ohio’s Premier Prostitution Defense Attorneys

If you’re facing charges for engaging in prostitution, our team of dedicated Lisbon prostitution lawyers at Youngstown Criminal Law Group is here to help. With years of experience in sex crime defense, we are committed to achieving a favorable outcome for individuals accused of prostitution. Trust us to leverage our extensive knowledge of criminal law to protect your rights.

To schedule your initial consultation with Youngstown Criminal Law Group, dial 330-992-3036. We proudly serve clients in Franklin County, Madison County, Pickaway County, Union County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, and Licking County. Take the first step towards a strong defense today.

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