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OVI Traffic Stops and Checkpoints in St. Clairsville, Ohio

The Police Can Pull You Over

Law enforcement officers cannot randomly pull you over in a traffic stop. Specific standards must be followed to determine when and who to stop. The primary standard is reasonable suspicion, which requires officers to base their decision on observable facts, such as erratic driving or failure to obey traffic signals.

If a skilled St. Clairsville OVI Lawyer can prove that you were unlawfully stopped (without reasonable cause), your OVI charges may be dismissed.

OVI Checkpoints in Ohio

In Ohio, sobriety checkpoints, also known as OVI checkpoints or roadblocks, are recognized as legal. Ohio’s stance on OVI checkpoints is supported by the court case State vs. Bauer.

While some argue that these checkpoints infringe upon the rule of reasonable suspicion, courts have consistently emphasized the importance of keeping impaired drivers off the road.

During a sobriety checkpoint, law enforcement officers pull over vehicles to assess drivers for signs of intoxication. To be deemed legal, a checkpoint must meet four criteria:

  • Did it provide sufficient advanced warning, including nighttime visibility measures?
  • Was neutrality and adherence to standard procedures ensured by established policies?
  • Was the checkpoint positioned in a secure location and clearly visible to approaching drivers?
  • Were police vehicles and uniformed officers present at the checkpoint?

Officers running the checkpoint use a specified formula to determine which vehicles to stop, such as every vehicle, or every third, fourth, or fifth vehicle.

Officers may request your name and driver’s license and ask you questions, although you are not legally obligated to respond. In addition, officers can only prolong the interaction if they have reasonable suspicion of your intoxication.

What Do I Do if the Cops Stop Me?

When interacting with law enforcement, it is crucial to ensure your safety and that of the police officer. Immediately stop at a location away from traffic, such as a parking lot or side street, and if none is available, pull over as far onto the shoulder as possible. During nighttime stops, switch on your dome light to enhance visibility for the officer approaching your vehicle. Silence your radio and grasp the steering wheel.

Legally, you must disclose your name, insurance information/card, and driver’s license to the officer. However, it’s important to note that you have the right to remain silent and are not obligated to answer any additional questions. Polite and concise responses are encouraged, or you can inform the officer that you prefer to consult with your attorney before responding.

In the event of a prolonged stop, you may inquire if you are free to leave. However, do not attempt to drive away if denied permission. Stay inside your vehicle unless instructed otherwise by the officer.

Compliance is necessary if asked to exit your vehicle. Stay calm and exit slowly.

If the officer suspects impairment, they may request field sobriety tests or a breathalyzer. Although you have the option to refuse, bear in mind that there are consequences for doing so, such as driver’s license suspension.

Remember, you always have the right to remain silent and decline field sobriety and chemical tests. Nevertheless, if the police officer believes you are intoxicated or impaired, you may still face arrest. Refusing to answer questions may reduce the evidence available to the prosecutor, potentially making their case more challenging. If you find yourself in any such situation, it is advisable to contact a St. Clairsville OVI lawyer, particularly if you have declined testing for an OVI offense.

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