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Traffic Violations Attorney in St. Clairsville

Ohio law encompasses a variety of traffic violations, ranging from simple moving violations to more serious offenses with significant consequences such as hefty fines, lengthy jail sentences, license suspensions, and vehicle forfeitures. If you find yourself facing a traffic ticket in Ohio, it’s crucial to have a St. Clairsville OVI lawyer with extensive training and an assertive approach to assist you.

Speeding: Almost every driver, at some point, may receive a speeding ticket either due to unintentional negligence or a deliberate choice to exceed the speed limit.

Driving with a Suspended License: Many Ohio drivers defy the law by operating a motor vehicle despite their license being under suspension, which can be exasperating when alternative transportation options are limited.

Driving without a License: Operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license is illegal in Ohio, and those caught doing so will face significant legal consequences, regardless of whether they are learning to drive or not.

Hit and Run: When a driver involved in an accident fails to stop and share information with the other party, they are committing a hit and run offense. Ohio law mandates that drivers involved in an accident, regardless of occupancy or damage, must stop at the scene.

Reckless Driving: Reckless driving refers to operating a motor vehicle with the intent to cause harm or damage to others or their property, such as vehicles or fences. Convictions on this charge may result in jail time, substantial fines, and points added to the driver’s license. Repeated convictions can lead to more severe consequences, including license suspension or revocation.

Fleeing and Eluding: Running from the police, known as Fleeing and Eluding, is a highly serious charge due to the inherent danger posed by high speeds. Offenders who engage in such behavior face significant fines and lengthy prison sentences. Ensuring public safety is paramount in making this offense punishable.

Street Racing: Engaging in car races on public streets poses a grave threat to bystanders and the general public. Although it may be thrilling, street racing has been criminalized to protect citizens from harm and potential accidents.

Vehicular Assault: Vehicular Assault is a severe offense that can result in substantial fines and lengthy imprisonment. Attempting to defend oneself against charges of this nature is highly discouraged.

Moving Violations: Moving Violations refer to traffic offenses committed while a vehicle is in motion. Typically, a conviction for a moving violation entails fines and accumulating points on one’s license. Additionally, it may adversely affect insurance rates.

Fight Your Speeding Ticket: Speeding tickets often incur heavy fines and result in points being added to your license. It is advisable to engage the services of a competent and experienced St. Clairsville criminal lawyer to represent you in court. Doing so can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Have you received a traffic citation in Ohio? If so, it is crucial to have a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney by your side. St. Clairsville Criminal Law Group is equipped with the attorneys you need to effectively fight your traffic charges. Call them anytime at (330) 992-3036 for a free initial consultation or reach out to them online to get started.

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