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At Youngstown Criminal Law Group, our dedicated Steubenville OH criminal lawyer has been successfully handling cases of sexual abuse for many years. We understand the immense challenges faced by victims of sexual abuse, and that’s why we approach each case with utmost compassion and dedication. Our mission is to ensure that you or your loved ones receive the justice they rightfully deserve.

What Is Sexual Assault

Let’s delve into what constitutes sexual assault. It is a grave crime that includes incidents of rape, attempted rape, or any non-consensual touching over the victim’s clothing. This definition is similar throughout the United States, where sexual assault is recognized as the coercion, pressure, or non-consensual engagement in any sexual act. Interestingly, it’s worth noting that since 1993, marital rape has also been recognized as a crime in all states.

What Is Forcible Rape

Among the various forms of sexual assault, forcible rape stands out. It involves the use of physical force to perpetrate a sexual act without the victim’s consent. The statistics surrounding forcible rape are truly staggering:

  • Approximately 20% of women have experienced forcible rape at some point in their lives.
  • Around 80% of forcible rape cases involve victims below 25 years old, often occurring during their college years.
  • Shockingly, only 20% of forcible rapes are reported to authorities.
  • While the majority of victims are women, it’s crucial to recognize that approximately 2% of victims are men, and 30% of victims experienced rape during childhood.
  • Sadly, in only 25% of forcible rape cases, the perpetrator has been arrested, resulting in a significant number of rapists going unpunished.

It’s important to note that in cases of forcible rape, the perpetrator often knows the victim personally, such as a former lover, dating partner, or even a spouse.

Child Sexual Abuse

Moving on to the issue of child sexual abuse, it is a growing concern in today’s society. Children are often manipulated, coerced, or pressured into engaging in sexual acts by adults or adolescent offenders. These cases can involve:

  • Forcible rape
  • Psychological manipulation
  • Exposure to pornography
  • Consumption of child pornography

Sadly, these heinous acts are often committed by those in positions of authority that the child trusts deeply—parents, older siblings, relatives, priests, Boy Scout leaders, or camp counselors. As a result, the victims endure long-lasting effects, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and lifelong anxiety. It is both tragic and disheartening.

Victim’s Rights in the Case of Sexual Assault

In Steubenville, victims of sexual assault have rights that deserve advocacy. Here are some important steps they can take:

  • Civil Lawsuit: Victims can seek compensation for wage loss and physical/mental suffering by filing a civil lawsuit.
  • Criminal Lawsuit: Depending on the severity of the case, victims have the option to pursue a criminal lawsuit.
  • Policy Change: Engage in efforts to implement lasting changes in workplace policies to prevent similar situations, including termination of perpetrators.
  • Complaint Filing: Victims have the right to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the appropriate state agency.

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