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Lawsuit On Glen Mills Abuse Cases

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    Lawsuit on Glen Mills Abuse Cases

    Over a period of 40 years, students at Glen Mills reformatory school had been subjected to bone-chilling torture and abuse. And now, many of the former students and survivors of the abuse are coming forward with their horrific stories and filing abuse lawsuits against the institution.

    The incident was first brought to light in February 2019, when The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article about the stories of Glen Mills school and how the counselors not only assaulted the victims but also silenced and threatened them for years.

    If you are a victim of this horrific abuse that has made you keep your mouth shut for all these years, it is time for you to come out with your story. You can take legal action with us at Youngstown Criminal Law Group and can be a part of the class-action lawsuit filed against Glen Mills for justice. Our experienced Cleveland Glen Mills abuse lawyer can help you.

    Abuse at Glen Mills School

    There are hundreds of students who have joined the class lawsuit and alleged brutality, beatings, rapes, and threats among other inexcusable incidents of abuse. The counselors have been accused of the following types of abuses:

    • Verbal abuse that also included racial slurs and profanity
    • Denying medical attention when students are in need
    • Beating
    • Spitting
    • Choking
    • Hitting, kicking and stepping on students
    • Pushing students into the wall, door or appliances or through the window
    • Sexual assault and rape
    • Death threats

    All these incidents happened during the time of three different directors namely Cosimo D. Ferrainola, from 1975 through 2007; Garrison “Garry” D. Ipock, Jr., from 2007 through 2012; and Dr. Randy Ireson, from 2013 through 2019.

    The incident of abuse came into public in September 2018 when a 17 years old student was caught saying on the CCTV camera “I can’t breathe” while two counselors were torturing him brutally.

    Things to Know about Glen Mills School Abuse Lawsuit

    If you have been a student of this institution and subjected to such brutality, then you need to file the lawsuit with our Cleveland Glen Mills abuse lawyer. Now, you might have many questions in mind regarding filing the lawsuit and naturally so. In the following points, we are trying to address some of the questions for you.

    • It really doesn’t matter where you live now. You might be a resident in Pennsylvania or some other state. In any case, if you have been a student of Glen Mills reformatory school and have been subjected to abuse in the past, then you can file your lawsuit from anywhere. You are not even required to come to our office.
    • Students from all around the nation got into this institution. Your location prior to your admission to Glen Mills doesn’t limit your legal right to be able to file the lawsuit for abuse.
    • You might not have a spotless record. But that is not an excuse for being subjected to such abuse. The reformatory schools are supposed to help the kids who are vulnerable to be misguided and to bring them on the right track. Hence, this abuse is never acceptable in a place like this.
    • You might have always thought that it is too painful a topic to discuss. You might have kept the whole horror to yourself. No matter how much time has passed, you still can file the lawsuit seeking justice for your abuse.

    At Youngstown Criminal Law Group, we prioritize your need. Our Cleveland Glen Mills abuse lawyer will listen to you and guide you through the filing and proceedings.

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