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Legal Support for Identity Theft in Youngstown, OH

The team at Youngstown Criminal Law Group is committed to defending individuals accused of a range of theft and fraud offenses as outlined in Chapter 2913. Identity theft is a serious violation detailed within Ohio R.C. Section 2913.49. Frequently, defendants assert the defense that any information used was for legitimate purposes. Other reputable defenses also apply in such critical legal matters.

If you find yourself facing charges related to identity theft within Youngstown or in the neighboring localities of Mahoning County, Ohio, don’t hesitate to reach out to Youngstown criminal lawyer legal specialists. Our adept Youngstown criminal lawyers are on standby to assist you in tackling the allegations against you head-on. Draw upon our wealth of experience – call (330) 992-3036 right now for a complimentary consultation session.

Fundamental Elements of Identity Theft Violations in Ohio

In Ohio, the criteria that constitute identity theft are explicitly detailed in R.C. Section 2913.49. The offense is broken down into the following components:

  • Without the explicit or implied agreement of the affected individual.
  • Engaging in activities such as using, obtaining, or holding on to the said individual’s personal identifying particulars.
  • Committing such actions with the intent to either impersonate the affected individual or present their personal details as one’s own.

Additionally, subsection 2913.49(B) elaborates:

  • The individual conducted the activities of creating, acquiring, possessing or using a victim’s personal details.
  • Intentions were to assist or abet another party in misusing such info.
  • The individual intended to impersonate or aid a third party to impersonate the victim by using their details without authorized consent.

For crimes carried out post-September 30, 2011, the jury guidelines are outlined in CR 513.49 and were last updated on January 21, 2012.



Understanding Definitions within Ohio’s Identity Theft Legislation

R.C. 2913.49(C) in Ohio’s statutes specifies that for the purposes of this law, a “third person” represents any other individual apart from the defendant or the victim involved. It is also considered identity theft when someone, with the intent to deceive, allows another person to use their personal identifying data.

Per R.C. 2913.49(D), although permitted to use an individual’s identity specifics, possession, acquisition, or employment of anyone else’s personal identifiers for fraudulent acts, whether to mirror the other person or to use their particulars as one’s own, is prohibited.

In instances where consent—or the lack thereof—is under scrutiny in court, it’s often put forward that the ability to consent is compromised if the person does not fully grasp or has the capacity to make reasonable judgments about themselves or their assets.

Valuation Criteria in Cases of Identity Theft

The severity of the charges and resultant penalties may be assessed based on the financial value of credits, assets, or services obtained or attempted to be obtained by the defendant in relation to the alleged offense.

A change in the level of felony charges can occur if the victim falls into particular categories like being an elderly person or disabled adult, depending on the value involved as seen under R.C. 2913.49(I).

Under some scenarios, the valuation might involve cumulative consideration of the credit, property or services sought or debts and other legal responsibilities avoided per R.C. 2913.49(H)(1). The sanctions vary in accordance with the value brackets which include:

  • Under $1,000
  • Between $1,000 and $7,500
  • Between $7,500 and $150,000
  • “$150,000 or more”

Seeking an Experienced Identity Theft Lawyer in Youngstown

Should you be dealing with identity theft accusations in Youngstown or its surrounding regions in Mahoning County, Ohio, look to the seasoned experts in white-collar and financial crime defense at Youngstown Criminal Law Group.

Our portfolio of legal services includes defending clients against various financial crimes such as unauthorized use of property, cheque fraud, credit card misuse, record tampering, deceptive document procurement, and other falsification charges. Seize the opportunity for a free consultation – dial (330) 992-3036 today.

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