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Hit and Run Cases of Leaving the Scene of Accident

All motorists are supposed to stop at the site of the accident and exchange information about what happened with the police in Ohio. If the driver flees from the scene after the accident where people have been injured, they might get charged with a felony. For a motorist, being charged for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol or OVI is a serious issue. And if Hit and Run charges get added to it, then the offender might have to face serious consequences. They might have to deal with long jail-time with huge fines. Their driver’s license can be suspended for a long time too.

If you or your loved one has been in this predicament and is now dealing with the charges of Hit and Run along with the DUI case, then you will need professional legal assistance. And for that, connecting with Youngstown OVI lawyer at Youngstown Criminal Law Group is a worthy decision. We offer complete assistance and develop a defense for you. If you happen to flee from the scene after the accident, then don’t delay. Come to us right away for help from our Youngstown criminal lawyer .

Charges for Leaving the Scene of Accident in Ohio

Three statutes under Chapter 4549 of the Ohio Revised Code are responsible for dealing with the cases involving the duty of the motorists to stop at the scene of the accident. These Statutes include,

  • Stopping after the accident on public roads or highways — Ohio Revised Code § 4549.02;
  • Stopping after the accident on other than public roads or highways — Ohio Revised Code § 4549.021; and
  • Stopping after an accident involving damage to realty or personal property attached to real property — Ohio Revised Code § 4549.03.

When the accident occurs, the motorist is supposed to stay on the scene. The accident can cause personal injury as well as damage to the property. The driver of the vehicle is meant to stop immediately until they can share relevant details with the other motorist or any police officer. These details include,

  • Name of the motorist and address
  • Name of the owner of the vehicle in case the driver is not the owner
  • The registration number of the motor vehicle

The person who is supposed to get the details can be anyone injured in the accident, the operator, owner, or occupant of the property, or any police officer on duty in the same area.

It is also the responsibility of the driver to locate the owner or the occupant or operator of the property, car or house or otherwise, and report them about the incident. At the same time, they are supposed to share their details with them too that includes the aforementioned points.

If you are in a situation like this and fail to locate the owner of the property or the asset, then what you should do is report the incident to the nearby police department of the area where it happened.

While doing so, you need to keep the number of a Youngstown OVI lawyer handy. This way you can report the incident to the professional and get immediate legal advice. And when you are looking for legal advice from a Youngstown OVI lawyer, come to Youngstown Criminal Law Group.

The nature of the injuries determine the classifications of the crime,

  • If the accident causes no injury, it is a first-degree misdemeanor
  • If the accident causes serious injuries or physical harm, then it will be a fifth-degree felony
  • In case the accident causes death, it will be a third-degree felony

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