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Lawsuits for Sexual Abuse in Steubenville

Welcome to Logue Law Group, where we are dedicated to supporting victims of sexual abuse in Steubenville. Our skilled Steubenville OH criminal abuse lawyer is here to provide you with the rightful justice and ensure your voice is heard.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault encompasses a range of acts, including attempted rape, rape, and non-consensual touching. These acts occur when a person does not provide voluntary consent, with or without clothes. While each state may define sexual assault differently, the underlying principle remains the same: engaging in any sexual activity without consent. This can happen through force, coercion, incapacitation, or when the person is underage.

Notably, all fifty states, including the District of Columbia, have recognized marital rape as sexual assault since 1993. This underscores the gravity and reprehensibility of such acts.

Forcible Rape

Forcible rape involves using physical force to compel someone into non-consensual sexual acts. Shocking statistics reveal alarming prevalence rates:

  • Approximately 20% of women report experiencing rape in their lifetime.
  • An estimated 2% of forcible rape victims are men.
  • 80% of women are raped around the age of 25.
  • Alarmingly, only 20% of campus rapes are reported.
  • 30% of male victims were raped during their childhood.

According to FBI statistics, one forcible rape occurs every six minutes in the United States. However, only 25% of rapists face prosecution.

It is important to recognize that most forcible rapes are committed by individuals known to the victim. This may include dating partners, intimate partners, former lovers, acquaintances, spouses, or even relatives.

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is an abhorrent crime. It takes on a whole different dynamic when it involves children. At our law firm in Steubenville, our experienced Steubenville OH OVI lawyer has handled numerous cases of brutality against children, providing them with the justice they deserve. This disturbing incident occurs when adults or adolescents manipulate, force, or coerce children into sexual acts, manifesting in various forms.

These forms may include:

  • Coercing or psychologically pressuring a child to engage in sexual activities
  • Committing acts of forcible rape
  • Exposing a child to genitals or sexual organs, or subjecting them to pornography
  • Producing child pornography
  • Groping or fondling a child, either clothed or unclothed

Disturbingly, the majority of perpetrators in these cases are often individuals who are supposed to be trusted, such as relatives or members of religious and social organizations. This betrayal of trust can have severe and long-lasting effects on the child, leading to lifelong trauma, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and more. Shockingly, even respected figures like priests, camp counselors, or Boy Scout leaders have been implicated in these acts of abuse.

If you or your loved ones have experienced this deeply disturbing ordeal, and if you are finally ready to break the silence and seek justice, we strongly urge you to reach out to us at Logue Law Group. Our dedicated Steubenville OH criminal lawyer is here to provide the support you need throughout this challenging journey towards healing and justice.

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